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hollywood_light's Journal

HollyWood Lights:: An Original/Celeb rp
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a celeb rp, done Hollywood style

Welcome to Hollywood Lights, where "celebrities meet fantasy". This is a different celebrity rp group--as it centers around Hollywood instead of one of those so called "hot spots". Also, it's brand new and just starting so many of your favorite celebrities are still up for grabs!

Hollywood lights would love for you to come write for us! We want excitement, action, adventure and drama! Drama is the essence of life, spice that makes us aware we are alive! This is an ages 14 and up group, as long as you are mature and responsible and don't start petty fights I'm sure you can handle it. This isn't an elite group, and posting access is gained fairly easily.

All I'd like to know is that you know how to rp. You'll be asked to write a sample of your celebrity, or your Played By celebrity--in other words, your "fake" celebrity. If you're confused, I'll explain. I am playing vanessa_vaughn a rockstar founded by bazrocks Sebastian Bach</a> she is played by Lindsay Lohan. So, Lindsay Lohan can not be used in this rp.

Another example, if Christina Aguleria is herself in this rp, then there can not be a "fake" celeb who looks just like her. You'll have to use someone else. If you still don't get it, feel free to ask one of the mods. We'll be happy to help you!

Slash is welcomed.
NC-17 rated material must be put behind a cut
Journals will be friends only, and must be linked to the comm.
The comm will be used for announcements and gathering types.

The standard rules apply for this comm, as they do in every other comm. You can make your journal after you are accepted. Don't worry, all I need to know is proof that you can rp, and that you do know something about your character.

Please fill out the application form at the com, and the mod and I will get back with you.

Name of character:

Second desired character:

Bio of character if fake:

Example of Rp

RP experience:

Have you friended/watched the comm?:

Thanks! If you need any help, the mods: bazrocks and chester_chaz Will get in touch with you. Thanks!